A Mechanics Law Attorney in Texas Can Help If You’ve Been Treated Unfairly by a Mechanic

It’s enough of a pain when your car breaks down, and you need to tie up time and money getting repairs.  But when the mechanic is dishonest and tells you that you need repairs that are not necessary, or when the cost estimate is inaccurate, there’s even more pain. Although you might feel like you’re totally at the mercy of the mechanic, it doesn’t have to be that way. A mechanics law attorney in Texas can help if you’ve been treated unfairly by a mechanic. The Hixson Law Firm of Texas understands the laws and regulations that affect car repairs and auto shops in Texas. Our expert legal staff will help you get justice if your mechanic has violated these laws.

Deceptive Practices Mechanics May Use

By law, you are entitled to an honest estimate and to have the work done within a reasonable amount of time that’s mutually agreed upon. Mechanics may not dishonestly tell you that you need work that does not need to be done. They can’t make unauthorized repairs and then hold you financially liable for them. If you believe this has been done to you, you are protected by UDAP laws, or Unfair and Deceptive Acts and Practices Statutes. If you believe you’ve been deceived or dealt with dishonestly by a mechanic, hiring a mechanics law attorney can get you the legal recourse you need. The Hixson Law Firm of Texas will be your advocate and defend your rights in your mechanics law case.

Call to Schedule a Free Consultation with a Mechanics Law Attorney in Texas Today

If you believe you have been treated unfairly by a mechanic, call to schedule a free consultation with a mechanics law attorney in Texas today. The Hixson Law Firm offers you the latest and best in legal representation when you’ve been deceived, overcharged, or have had ineffective repairs from a dishonest mechanic.  We serve the cities of Mansfield, Arlington and Grand Prairie, Texas, and we are eager to serve you, too. Call us at (817) 261-5000 and let us help you get fair treatment from your auto mechanic.

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Using Mechanics Law to Collect on Unpaid Debts

There are instances when property owners fail to pay contractors, subcontractors, construction workers, and others in related trades after work has been completed on a property. Rather than stop work on a project, tear down what they have already done, or seek other kinds of remedies, members of the building trades can rely on Mechanics Law in Arlington. Also known as a mechanic’s lien or a materialmen’s lien, this powerful legal device gives workers the ability to file a lien against a property to compel an owner to make good on what they owe the workers.

When a lien is filed, information about the debt becomes public record, but there are many more actions that are activated.

What Happens When a Mechanic’s Lien Is Filed

A mechanic’s lien covers almost all labor, materials, supplies, and equipment involved in making improvements to real property. The lien can be filed before the project begins, and removed after all payments have been made. It also can be filed as a way to get paid for work already done. For people in the building trades, a mechanic’s lien is often the least expensive and most effective option way to get paid.

A lien carries the threat of foreclosure with it. In extreme cases, a creditor can file a lawsuit that can force the sale of the property with proceeds from the sale then being used to satisfy the debt. Most property owners would much rather pay the lien that have their property foreclosed.

Because liens are public documents, they can create a cloud on the title. In turn, this means a property owner could have trouble either refinancing or selling the property until the lien is satisfied. It is not unusual to have several liens filed against the same property, and in those cases, the law determines in which order each lien is paid.

It should also be noted for a builder or contractor that the work only needs to be substantially complete for a lien to be valid.

The Hixson Law Firm serves clients in Mansfield, Arlington, Grand Prairie and other nearby Texas communities.

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