When You Have Conflicts Over Real Estate, a Real Estate Deeds Lawyer in Texas May Help

When you have questions or doubts about the legal ownership of a deed, a real estate deeds lawyer in Texas may be helpful to you. It is not wise to trust a real estate agent with matters concerning deeds or legal real estate contracts because they are often motivated by the desire to sell a property or profit in some way. Instead, a real estate deeds lawyer does not have an agenda regarding the deed of a property and will objectively represent your legal interests. The Hixson Law Firm of Texas has experienced legal professionals whose knowledge of real estate law will serve you well if you have concerns regarding the true ownership of a real estate deed.

Types of Real Estate Deeds

There are several kinds of real estate deeds, but perhaps one of the most common is the warranty deed.  This type of deed states that the grantor, or person owning the property, is actually the real owner and has the right to convey, or transfer, the property to a grantee, or person buying or receiving it.  The property is free of liens and is fully conveyed, and the grantor, upon conveying the property, gives the grantee the right to convey it later if he wants to, with everything being free and clear.  Another type of deed is the quitclaim deed, which conveys the property rights to a grantee without giving them the title.  If you need to have a deed reviewed or have questions or conflicts about a real estate deed, the best place to turn is to an expert firm like the Hixson Law Firm of Texas. Our legal staff will give you reliable legal guidance you can count on.

Call to Schedule a Free Consultation with a Real Estate Deeds Lawyer in Texas Today

If you have a questionable deed that is in need of legal review or if you want to draft a real estate deed, call to schedule a free consultation with a real estate deeds lawyer in Texas today. The Hixson Law Firm has over two decades of experience serving the real estate needs of clients like you. We serve the cities of Mansfield, Arlington, and Grand Prairie, Texas, and will answer all your real estate deed questions. Call us at (817) 261-5000 and let us help you.

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Title Disputes in Mansfield, Texas Can Be Resolved by a Title Dispute Attorney

If you’re a property owner, you may one day be surprised to find out that someone else claims that some of your property is theirs. When someone questions your ownership of land, buildings or other property, you need expert legal counsel to discern where the property boundaries truly lie. Especially in cases of older homes or land that has been around for a long time, issues may come up as to ownership or location of a boundary.  When this occurs, hiring a skilled legal professional like someone from the Hixson Law Firm of Mansfield, Texas is essential. We will use our knowledge and experience to help you settle your property title disputes in Mansfield TX.

Types of Title Disputes

The real estate title is what gives the owner of a property the right to live on it or use it as he chooses within the limits of the law. People buy title insurance to ensure that the property title is free and clear, but sometimes disputes may still arise. With older properties, it may later be discovered that there is an easement, or agreement to allow another person to use a part of the property for his own reasons. There may also be a land boundary that no one seems to know about. A good title dispute attorney can trace the records back to the original agreement and help the property owners to resolve the conflicted issue. The Hixson Law Firm of Mansfield, Texas will evaluate your case to find a fair solution to the problem.

Call to Schedule a Free Consultation with a Title Dispute Attorney in Mansfield, Texas Today

If you’re concerned about real estate title issues, call to schedule a free consultation with a title dispute attorney in Mansfield, Texas today. The experienced legal professionals at the Hixson Law Firm understand the complexities of real estate law and have the resources to determine where the true boundaries of your property lie. We serve the cities of Mansfield, Arlington and Grand Prairie, Texas, and we are eager to serve you. Call us at (817) 261-5000 and let us help you settle your title dispute.

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An Experienced Attorney Can Help You with Many Facets of Real Estate Law

By the very nature and size of a typical transaction, buying and selling real estate can be a complicated process. It has become even more so in recent years, as additional steps and processes have been added to protect consumers.

Although the vast majority of real estate deals move forward in a logical way and are completed with few surprises, there is always the possibility that a dispute will arise. Rather than take the chance that a deal could end up costing you dearly, it makes sense in so many ways to hire an experienced real estate attorney to help you with any number of issues related to real estate law.

Protecting Yourself in All Aspects of a Transaction

There are many “hot spots” in a real estate transaction that can trigger the need for legal representation. Some of those include:

Title disputes. Although record keeping has improved significantly in recent years, at times the ownership of a piece of property can come into question. Until a clear title has been established, it is impossible to complete a transaction.

Broker and agent disputes. When a realtor or broker fails to live up to the high standards of ethical conduct expected of them, a client may suffer a loss as a result. This may involve breaching their fiduciary duty, creating an undue pressure to buy, or failing to reveal errors and omissions.

Foreclosures. Attorneys are often called upon to handle the details of foreclosure on a property. Acting as an intermediary can have many benefits for a bank or a lender, as well as protecting the rights of a property owner from unscrupulous banking processes.

Land use disputes. When developers or homeowners fail to follow zoning or other use restrictions, litigation may ensue. An attorney seasoned in real estate law in Mansfield can also assist homeowners with HOA issues, conflicts between neighbors, easements, or boundary and nuisance problems.

The Hixson Law Firm serves clients in Mansfield, Arlington, Grand Prairie and other nearby Texas communities.

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