Among the issues of divorce or even just breakups of unwed parents, child custody comes into play. This can create tension and stress for both parties. For many divorcing couples, this remains a central issue within their legal fight. Courts will many times award primary custody to one parent while considering the best interests of the child or children, although both parents will want to have ongoing, frequent contact with their children. A child custody lawyer can help streamline this legal process for divorcing families. John Hixson can help represent your interests in court and help you through this stressful time.

Benefits of Hiring a Child Custody Lawyer

An Arlington child custody lawyer is experienced with removing emotion from situations and dealing with child custody issues in Texas. Presenting a fact-based argument is important to give you a fighting chance in terms of child custody. Other topics such as medical care, schooling and schedules will be discussed during this legal proceeding too.

There are two types of conservatorship in Texas: joint managing and sole managing. JMC is where both parties share the rights and duties of a parent for their children. However, even in this situation, one parent has the exclusive right to certain decisions for the children. The judge will specify which responsibilities each parent has. Sole managing conservatorship means that one parent has the legal right to make decisions regarding a child or children. This can include:

  • Where they live,
  • Consenting to medical, dental, psychiatric or psychological treatment,
  • Receiving child support,
  • Making decisions regarding education.

Visitation rights including duration and frequency are one important issue that a child custody lawyer is well versed in dealing with. Finding a lawyer that has a track record and reputation for trying to strike a balance is important. Doing what’s best for your children while using a fair and balanced parenting plan is key. By taking time to secure meaningful time for both parents, you can guarantee your children get the time they want and need with their family despite this divorce.

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