The benefits of hiring a child custody attorney

Divorces are rarely amicable, and among the issues that create the most tension when a couple separates are the issues of child custody and visitation rights. For many divorcing couples, this remains the central part of their legal fights and can cause permanent damage to all parties involved, including the children.

Courts will many times award primary custody to one parent or the other based on what it considers to be the best interests of the child. Although both parents will normally continue to have ongoing and frequent contact with their children, it makes a huge difference whether or not those children live with one parent or the other for the majority of the time.

For these reasons, if maintaining the best possible child custody terms is important to a divorcing parent, it is critical to hire an experienced child custody attorney such as John Hixson to represent your interests in court.

Working with facts instead of emotions

One of the biggest benefits Mr. Hixson can bring to a child custody issue is the removal of much of the emotion and the focus on the facts. Courts can be sympathetic, but much of the time, the bottom line will revolve around continuity in a child’s life, including schooling, medical care, quality of the home environment and other similar factors. Presenting a fact-based argument almost always gives a parent a fighting chance at the best possible terms when it comes to child custody issues.

Visitation rights are another important issue to consider

If the courts believe the primary custody is best served by the other party in a child custody dispute, then the question of visitation rights, including frequency and duration become even more important. Securing meaningful time when it comes to visitation rights can be just as important as which parent has primary custody. Mr. Hixson has a track record and a reputation for trying to strike a balance that represents his clients, while also doing what is best for the children involved in visitation issues through the development of a fair and balanced parenting plan.

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