The role of a good divorce lawyer

Statistics show that somewhere around 50% of all marriages end in divorce sooner or later. It’s a startling figure and a nasty divorce can tear families apart. With so many highly charged emotions attached to a divorce, it can make for poor and angry decision-making, and that in turn, can cost one spouse or the other dearly, both financially and with living arrangements going forward.

Although every marriage and every divorce is different, when a marriage ends, the goals are always the same. The goals are getting out of the marriage as quickly as possible and doing so on terms that are fair and equitable to both parties. It sounds simple, but that is not always the case.

Hiring an experienced divorce lawyer such as John Hixson removes the emotional component if you are involved in a divorce and replaces those emotions with facts. Facts are what the court will use to determine how a divorce is finally settled. Facts are also what divorce laws are governed by in Texas, meaning that you must face reality, and a lawyer is an expert at helping you to do just that.

Attempting to solve divorce issues means you are gambling with your future in a high stakes game of Texas Hold ‘em that you may not win.

Child custody/support and spousal support are the most important issues in a divorce

Statistics and anecdotal evidence prove that the most highly charged issues in a divorce are child custody, child support and spousal support. Oftentimes, one parent or the other may try to leverage their relationship with their children to punish the other while trying to gain concessions. From a financial standpoint, there are certain laws that govern and regulate how much child support and spousal support are due one parent or the other. But it is critical that you retain an attorney to make sure that your interests are still protected anyway. The courts do have some discretion, and even though they will take into account the ability to earn an income for each spouse, education, and other considerations in coming up with a dollar figure, you need an insurance policy in the form of a watchdog representing your interests to make sure that amount is fair.

At some point, you may also need the services of a good adoptions attorney as well.

If you are going through a divorce, it’s hard to see your future or spending time with someone else. However, many people do move on to other relationships, and often times those spouses already have children. If you fall in love and remarry, you will probably want to consider adopting your spouse’s children as well. In some cases, this is straightforward, but many times, there are legal considerations that may require an experienced attorney to help you sort them out. It simply makes good sense to retain a reliable family law attorney such as John Hixson in the greater Arlington area to help guide you through the necessary steps.

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