General Pricing

For litigation matters an hourly fee of $200 per hour is normally charged. A retainer is usually requested at the time of the initial consultation to begin representation. Retainers vary based on the type of matter, its complexity and the immediacy of the matter. An additional deposit may be required for on-going litigation matters.

Bankruptcy Pricing

A Chapter 7 costs $1,830 in attorney fees plus $320 in court costs, and $50 for a credit report — for a total of $2200.

A Chapter 13 bankruptcy costs $3200 and includes almost all court costs and services required over 3-5 years.

To get started, we only require $500 of the attorney fees and the filing fee of $320 ($820 total). For Chapter 7, the balance owed can be paid monthly with no interest. For Chapter 13, the balance will be paid through your payment Plan to the Trustee.

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