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Probate proceedings determine how assets are to be divided or how debts are to be paid if a person has passed away. In legal terms, we call this person decedent and their estate will be divided according to their last will and testament (so long as they did not die intestate). Once a decedent has a Last Will and Testament, this will be offered before the court and heirs are required to appear and agree or contest the contents of the legal document.

When it comes to probate proceedings there are lot of processes and requirements that you need to comply with. In this case, all heirs and creditors have rights and are therefore heard during the probate proceedings. What happens during this legal proceeding is that the debts and assets are segregated and identified by the court. However, there are some questions that must be answered during the course of the proceedings such as finding out if there are any unpaid taxes or who are the ones appointed as executors of the estate. But first, it is important to know what exactly a Probate Litigation is.

What is Probate Litigation?

It is a legal proceeding governed by a set of statutes, codes, and laws that involves wills, and settlement of estate and trusts over a decedent’s estate. It involves contests or disputes among heirs that may be affected by some provisions in the will. There are also grounds when settling a dispute in a probate proceeding like the soundness of mind of the testator when they executed the will, whether or not this was executed in accordance with state laws, etc.

Probate proceedings is a complicated and delicate case that needs to be handled well since it involves family members and other sensitive issues involving the property of someone who is no longer around to protect themselves. During the case, many things usually are revealed that may or may not affect the asset distribution itself, but the status of some people as well.

During probate, the manner in which the will was constructed, the rightful heirs, and the right accounting of all the debts and assets will be assessed and considered. This is one of the reasons why an experienced and reliable lawyer who is trained in probate matters has to represent the heir or creditor before the court of law. Also, a probate lawyer can ensure that the rights of any creditor or heir will be protected, and the last wishes of the deceased will be duly observed.

Probate litigations can be highly emotional and dramatic and for this reason a Probate Law Firm is needed. There will be certain points during the case of the hearing that emotional responses will be high and by having an experience lawyer by your side, it can help make the emotional aspect lighter by taking care of some sensitive matters. Also, considering the complexity of the case, a knowledgeable and well-trained lawyer can help make the process of the case be smoother and easier as well. Hiring the best probate lawyer will ensure that your rights and privileges over the estate will be guarded and protected before the court.

Law Office of John A. Hixson, top probate lawyer in Grand Prairie TX, has 30+ years of experience in litigating, mediating, arbitrating, and negotiating probate disputes and legal issues dealing with probate law. So next time you are in need of a lawyer from Probate Dispute Litigation Attorney Grand Prairie give them a call.

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