When your property rights come into dispute and something you’re entitled to has been taken from you, you need a title disputes lawyer in Texas who will represent your interests. Whether the dispute is about ownership or your rights to something else such as easements, John Hixson can help you. He helps litigate or negotiate title disputes for his Texas clients.

Ultimately, a title issue can stop a real estate transaction from completion. A clean title is the difference between a transaction going through or not. A title issue can stall a sale or purchase of a home or property indefinitely.

What types of disputes can a Title disputes lawyer help with?

Ultimately, determining who has the title to the real estate and the rights associated with the real estate according to Texas law can be difficult to understand. The history must be traced through land records and deeds/conveyances must be examined and interpreted properly.

A titles disputes lawyer can help with:

  • Easement disputes
  • Boundary disputes
  • Disputes over who the right to convey
  • Disputes over which property a deed actually conveys
  • Disputes over trust property conveyed by a trustee
  • Disputes over oil/gas titles

When it comes to real estate, the stakes can be high with litigation over titles. At John Hixson, we understand you need personal attention to your case for the best possible results. Because these issues require close attention to detail and understanding of the law, it is advisable to always hire a legal professional to help you with title disputes in and around Arlington, Texas.

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